Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today is being celebrated as international hijab day as on 4th September 2002 France banned hijab first time in Europe.

The Assembly for the Protection of Hijab has declared the 4th of September as a worldwide International Hijab Solidarity Day. Muslim women continue to suffer in countries such as France, Germany, Tunisia and Turkey, to name but a few, where the Hijab has been banned thus ostracising those who wear it from the very societies in which they live.

Following the remarkable success of the 17th January 04 “International day to support the Hijab” in which event took place in more than 35 countries around the world, the 4th of September will be another show of solidarity for religious freedom supporters.

The 4th of September also marks the return to school of girls in France, where the ban in academic institutions will commence. Such a ban will serve to create outcasts of every Hijab wearing Muslim girl causing untold psychological damage. The show of solidarity on 4th September is expected to provide these girls with the support and strength in order to fight for their rights.

The issue of the Hijab ban is a live one and with the continual escalation of the ban, Protect-Hijab thinks it is imperative to keep it at the forefront. Organisations, individuals and all those supporting the right of Muslim Woman to wear the Hijab will use September 4th to show solidarity with all Muslim women who are being denied education, freedom of expression and basic human rights and civil liberties.

While in France, young girls are being stopped from entering school premises wearing the Hijab; in Turkey Muslim women are being denied medical treatment and excluded from parliament for wearing the Hijab; and in Tunisia Muslim women are taken to prison and tortured if they wear Hijab. These are some examples of the persecution suffered by women simply because they follow a religious teaching as an expression of their faith.

Protect-Hijab calls people of all faiths and no faith to show solidarity on the 4th September events everywhere in the world. The Protect-Hijab campaigns will continue as long as there are bans against the Hijab in place.


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