Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comic time from Zen Pencils - The Two Wolves

Voila ! . . . hello world :D. Today was like another day. Always full of blessings & love & how about your day guys?. Like the picture above the fight between two wolves happen on me too. I start the day with a dawn prayer & hopefully my good side always win this fight. Aamiin.
Today was 12.12.12. I don't know why so many people adore this date. Some even do cesarean  process so they can give birth today, or even purposely married today just because of the unique date . Is it destiny or only our ego as human beings? Or maybe it's just my mind that strange? ( ---> i become busybody :| ) . And accidentally i even load my post on this date. * sigh .. xixixixixi  . But i think every day is a good day, every day was special day because God who created it. And now depending on how we can make every day in our life becomes meaningful. We can start from a small thing like smile :).
So lets smile everyone. Don't let your ego & bad things win and mess your day. Good luck :D

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