Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Islamic New Year 1434 H (The Hijri New Year)

Islamic new year is coming soon (15 Nov 2012), time for us as Muslims increase our acts & worship also eager to make new resolutions. And my new resolutions for 1434 H are . . . . . . ( it's secret actually & only Allah SWT  who knows my resolution xixixixixi ). Supposedly in the Islamic new year we have to be grateful, happy and celebrate it. However, there are still many of us who are often forgotten and more excited as the turn of the year AD ( 01 Januari ).
As we know that the change of day in Islam itself happens when sunsets or maghrib. Let's do dhikr, prayer and other sunnah worship at that time so years later ( if Allah still given life for us ) hopefully our lives filled with blessings and always in protection. Aamiin.
There is also a prayer ( Dua ) that we can read when the end of the year and into the new year of  Islamic new year.  
Here are following prayer for the end of Hijri Year ( read ba'da Ashr or before Maghrib) 

 doa akhir tahun hijriah
"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. May God's blessings and salutations to the lord keep us to Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.O my Lord, what servants do throughout this year in the form of actions that you act forbade slaves to do so, while the unrepentant slave of him and you do not pleased and do not forget it, and you also have fond servant when you power to torture slaves, then you call the servant to repent after adulterous servant. Therefore, I beg forgiveness from you, so forgive me with thy grace.And what has been done this year is the servant of the form that you pleased deeds and reward you promised it, beg thy servant, O Lord, the One of the Most Noble, who has greatness and glory, so that You do not accept the practice servant and should you decide expectations Thy servant, O Essence of the Most Noble. May God's blessings and salutations to the lord keep us to Prophet Muhammad as well as the relatives and friends of his."

These early prayer Hijri (read after Maghrib or later)  
 doa awal tahun hijriyah

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.May God continue to bestow mercy and salvation to our master Muhammad, his family and companions.O Allah, You are the Eternal, the past, another beginning. And unto Thy grace and generosity of Thy Great depend on.And this new year really has come. We beseech Thee in this year's protection from (temptation) Satan, lover-lover and his armies. And we are asking for help to defeat the passions that rage took on crime, so we're busy doing charity we can draw closer to You, O One who has the grandeur and glory. May God continue to bestow mercy and salvation to our master Muhammad, the Ummi Prophet, and upon his family and companions."

It is mentioned that whoever reads this dua 3 times (on the last day of the year i.e. this year before Salat-ul-Maghrib on the 15/11/12 ), then the Shaytan says concerning him/her “We have tired ourselves with him/her the entire year, and he/she has ruined our efforts, in one moment”.

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